My Gamer Manifesto – Re-visited…

Over the course of this year – and part of late last year… I have come to a conclusion about my hobby focus. Admittedly, I’ve been on the fence about this for several years. But this is the first time I have actually mulled over this in my mind for any real length of time… in search for a “solution”.

Defining the problem – it’s simple. I have been playing Warhammer 40,000 since – the late 1980’s (1989-1990). I have been playing RPG’s since… a decade before that easily. I like games – and I consider myself to be a “gamer” geek. I still find time for RPG’s… and I still collect them (stacked up and mostly never played lol). But when I get bit by the mini-gamer bug with RogueTrader 40k – and harlequins…eldar…etc. I was hooked.

I have been off and on war hammer 40k player (eldar 99% of the time) since the 1990’s. Which is great when your young… single and have a little hobby money to spend. But fast forward this till the last decade or so… and wow – I’m a father with 3 kids – on my second marriage. – and starring headlong at the big 50 soon enough. TIME… isn’t a premium for hobbies.

I have always loved mini-games. I love to paint the figures. I love to convert and scrap build stuff… including terrain. I like to play the games – have fun. What I don’t love over the last decade is spending months painting an army. I also don’t like how rapid fire GW has been over the last year with rules – codex upgrades and the rest. All of this eats into my hobby time – buying new books – redoing army lists which have painted… reading new rules and trying to figure out what my stuff does now. Let alone time to figure out what everyone else can do.

Over the last year and a half I have started to take note of all the other mini games that have grown around the hobby. My eyes were stuck on war hammer – but I now notice many cool looking mini games out there.

In the past year I have let myself (hobby time and money) pick up a few of the ones that have caught my eye. Infinity, Dark-Age, Warlands, X-wing and Bloodbowl have all taken spots on my shelves. I have shoved all of these aside these past few months because its tourney time. And I have a 40k list to get painted to play soon.

I found myself annoyed this week – that I have yet again set aside some coolness… because I need to paint an army to 2000pts… 36+ fingures… with tanks and all that stuff. I like 40k… and I love my Eldar. But it is time to stop letting the one single game take all my time.

I had a blast playing Bloodbowl this year. My goblins are fun to play – even though they lack the ability to win games for me much lol. What this showed me is I can have 16 painted figures and play some fun games. I can change up and paint another team (16 players max on a team)… and still know the rules and have fun. I can do the same with Infinity … a small faction/team. Same with Dark-Age as well as what I am seeing of Warlands.

My manifesto going forward… 40k will be taking the backseat after this summer. I will play 40k with the 2 painted armies I have. I may paint up something cool for them – or make tweaks to their lists. I have some Harlequins as well. But as far as doing an ARMY… I am done. I have no plans to build or buy another army for warhammer 40k.

I do plan to – paint my phantom titan … and complete my Revenant. I will still need to paint my other big items for Apoc 40k too. 75% of my hobby time will be NON-40k time…and I want 90% of my hobby time that may be for 40k to be PLAYING time only. The rest of my hobby time will be for exploring new games – and crafting stuff for those other games.  The list is long too – with lots of stuff just gathering dust.  It’s about time that I refocused on having fun with this hobby – a hobby that isn’t just a WARHAMMER 40k hobby – but a hobby that included many games.  All around painting cool minis, building terrain, and painting and building cool large pieces too.  I don’t want it to be about not working on stuff for 40k… but rather exploring all the options – playing many different games and having fun with mini’s no mater what company manufactured them or built the rules.


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