Blood Bowl – wk 8 

Past night I got in my season final for the goblin team known as TöeJam.  The gobbos played a dark elf team called “Dorchadas”. It was a fun game.

In the end TöeJam lost 3-1. With the star pogoer Rocketz from week 7 getting crushed and killed in the process.  One bright spot was a troll tossing a golin for a score in the second half.

Other than that… It was a rough game. I found it really hard to hurt the dark elves. Either die rolls not working out or just not being able to get it good positions to get good advantages. Maybe my head wasn’t into the game as much this week. But I had fun – and took the loss in stride.

I think I’ve learned a few things about the goblins for the next league. I love playing them – regardless of wins 😀.

The next league season may come later on the summer / after OFCC. But I’m guessing on that. I’ll try to get some pick up games over that span.


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