This past weekend I began to pull together my corsair army to begin painting. First thing on my list is to somehow unify the vehicles. Two of my old painted falcons – paint scheme needed to be simplified.  Although, I’ll use quite a bit of their themes on the rest of the army. 

I’ll be going for black as a dominating color – with red as the main accent. Tossing in bits of teal to keep it from being to “dark”.  Also the teal will match my other wraith wall armies theme – so the forces can kinda fit together in apoc games. All the metallics will be gold – limited use of wraithbone … As well. I need to settle on a “glow” color – which will probably be blue-white.  Gems – I’ve not decided. But thinking orange / topaz – reddish hue maybe. 

The painting is just beginning on this project. I’m hoping to be working on this pretty hard everyday for the next 3-4 weeks.