Shadow Sprectres – Assembled!

Wow these are some fidly bits. Lots to trim up on these forge world figures. This took me the better part of the week to finish this unit. My army only uses 3 + the Exarch but I’ll do the whole unit for consistency. 

I had to straighten out the guns. This is common with resin bits. Anyhow, I didn’t cover the process I used because I’ve done that a few times before. Basically, I find the hottest tap on my home ( in this case my master bathroom). I fill a cup of cold-cold water and set it nearby. I make sure I can fit my fingers and the parts to be straightend into this cup. 

Next, I hold the part to be bend back straight under the running hot water. Until it’s softer and flexible. While holding it in the corrected position (after being under the hot water for a minute or two). I dip the part into the cold cup of water – while holding the part it the right shape.  I do this till the part cools and hold its new shape. Sometimes you will need to repeat this process a few times to get things right.

Anyhow, with cleaned up and straight parts I got the unit together. Remember to wash the parts with light soap and warm water prior to glue and paint.  Residue from the molding process can make it hard to glue or prime these parts sometimes. 


I was happy to get that unit done and ready for paint. I’ve got a couple small things to take care of before its on to full-on painting. 

I also received two more additions to my goblin BloodBowl team – via eBay.  A linemen and a catcher. 

Lastly,  I thought the scrap molding bits from the Shadow Spectres were interesting shaped. So I cleaned them up to use later on some scratch build terrain at some point. 


– back to work!


One response to “Shadow Sprectres – Assembled!”

  1. Awesome blog, great eldar army ^^ . I love it when people use the old RT minis for extra variability, it works especially well for corsairs. I also keep the resin scrapings from FW, I think they should make awesome tank traps.

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