Corsair Army Progress

Ok – here is my first bit – a warlock as my “Void Dreamer”.  I have yet to swap out his pistol for a neuro disruptor… I’ll get to that before the end of the week. But did cut off his basing tab and glued him onto this rune base. I set him back to allow room for his Grynx.

The Grynx is I found online because GW not Forge World thought to make one. This one I have magnetized to be removable when used in a game.  A Grynx will all of for a free reroll in the game – or a save or something. Being removable will be helpful in keeping track of that.

My next conversion was a bit more serious. My Zoat Terror squad. I picked up a few old 40k zoats for “counts-as” wasp war walkers.

I picked up a old fantasy Zoat for a cool front legs (rearing up?) pose. Only need to cut the fantasy Zoat in half to make this happen.  Nothing that a hacksaw and a hobby vise couldn’t fix 😀.

The positioning of the cut was nearly perfect. I sure got lucky with it. I’ll use just a minimum of green-stuff later to fill any gaps in the look.

After some file work things went together nicely.

The Zoat turned out pretty wild looking. Perfect!  Looks nice when compared to a standard 40k Zoat I have already.

Ok – I’m hoping to have the last Zoat for the squad arrive soon from eBay land 😀. But I’m going with all 3 in the squad with the same torso. Basically to give a nice size comparison to a normal walker.

Lastly, my opponent for bloodbowl is out of town this week. So we decided to postpone the last game of the season till next week.


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