Blood Bowl – wk 7

TöeJam vs the Norse team “McClechland Mjolnir”.

 It was a rough match – but TöeJam wins a shocker!  I was stunned myself when things just went my way at the very end.

Things went normally for the gobbos for the first part of the first half. TöeJam received the kickoff – and was patient with the ball for the first 3-4 turns. I was being cautious after the lesson I learned last week. I didn’t want to rush things. My hope was stall for a half and push for a draw.  

As normal, I start moving the ball and on que I somehow drop the ball. This time I think I tried to make a dodge.  Team Mjolnir gets the ball and I do all I can to stifle the advance. A turn or so later they score.


Things are normal. I’m down 0-1. It’s just past midway on the half.  My bribe works out and I get to keep my fanatic in the match. I set up to receive the kick off again.

I get a favorable bounce and soon I’ve made a pass.  With some lucky dice I make a hand off and my pogoer is leaping down the pitch.  I dodge some tackles and on the last turn of the half he bounced in for the score. Knotted up 1-1 at the half.

On the second half I kick off – and the Norse team slowly moves the ball around the pitch proding for a weak point in my defense.


With several defending turns – the game seems destined for a stalemate. I try to clog every option – hoping not to let a draw get away this time.  By turn 6-7 he’s moving through my side of the pitch. Desperately I’m trying to avoid the go-ahead score on his part.

About this time somehow – passes are dropped and the ball lay on the pitch… Waiting for some really screwed up luck for anyone to take a chance on picking it up.

The goblins make their move … I put tackle zones everywhere possible and surround the open spots around the ball. Then I bounce my pogoer through two tackle zones (dice passed) – and then pick up the ball (5+) and out the other side of the scrum.

Success!  Initially I’m thinking just hold on to the ball and kill the clock. But soon I realize that the path is sorta open to make a dash toward the end zone. I dodge several more tackles in the last couple turns and stretch out for the “go for it” (on a re-roll) and score!

 Team Mjolnir has a turn to score – but the dice don’t agree and the game ends to a stunning victory for the gobbos. 

– it took 6 weeks to learn patience. Or it was just losses to please the dice gods to allow TöeJam a chance to not screw it up.

Fitz, whom has his own blog (Exiled from Albion) – brought down his hand made pitch in a box. It was really nice. Check out his blog for the particulars. Here are a couple shots of it.

I’m jealous – now I have another project to build my own 😉.


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