Blood Bowl – wk 6

Well I tried a different tact with this game. I still lost. TöeJam vs the Hell Pit Ogres … The draw that got away. 

I’ll admit that I felt that this game I could’a, would’a, shoud’a at least had a draw. Heck I could have won it.  If only the plan could have come together with actual execution on my part as well as the dice.

The plan – I’d pick up fungus the fanatic star player. He along with my other fanatic would start the game and bash out against the ogres. – I needed to bring down one or two of them.  Later I’d put in my chainsaw wielding looney and get another. But the armor dice wouldn’t come in line to the plan. 

At near the end of the first half the score was 1-0 , gobbos down. I was also down both fanatics to lost bribe rolls.  With lots of luck I scored on the 8th turn to even things 1-1 at the half. Another goblin toss ftw 😀. 

But in the second half things just went more downhill. Having not got a couple Ogres off the pitch – my second half plan of speed didn’t pan out. There were just to many big guys to avoid.  Even my goblin hits on snotlings failed to break those little buggers. 

I received the ball and tried to kill time in the second half.  Early on the Ogres tag teamed my troll / and kept him down and then out of the match. I tried to kill time to preserve a possible draw.  But in the end a flying blitz knocked the ball free. The Ogres cashed in for a second score just after midway in the second. 

What I had left was hardly enough to field. I received the ball – and killed the clock. Trying to preserve goblin lives for next week. 


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