Decisions – decisions

Today I got back into the garage and started cleaning up some hobby stuff. The game table is cluttered up and I cleaned most of it in under an hour. 

After that I pulled started work on my C.O.R.E. Faction for Dark Age mini game.  


The minis were fair – some flash to clean up. A few mold lines – and a couple spots where the details seemed kinda soft.  I like what I have read in the book – it seems like a very straight forward game. I’m hoping for Dark Age to be a great game to introduce folks to mini gaming. 

Next up – I pulled out my wraith wall 40k eldar from last OFCC.  I’m kinda disappointed with the IFC rulings for OFCC this year / and I’m afraid I won’t be looking to do harlequins for OFCC this year. UNLESS – next months Eldar Codex redo gives me some hope.  



But – last years list wasn’t bad and I could tweak the list some for this time around. Either wraithguard or I could try the Corsair list I’ve wanted to try. 

Either way – I think I’ll want to use the warp hunter. So I spent the rest of the day sunday prepping and starting to work on it. 



A quick initial coat of primer – and back to assembly. I couldn’t find specific instructions from my purchase. I’d picked it up a couple years ago. But I’ve put together plenty of Falcons and wave sepents to get started lol. 


Here is how I left it for today… I’ll hit it again with primer after the glue sets tomorrow.  It was nice to get some hobby time in today – it’s a nice relaxant. 

I’m still torn about my OFCC army list… I’m back to possibly corsairs – maybe lol. But then again an updated wraith wall list isn’t a bad option. I’d have more time to tinker with painting and a display board of I did. 

Not sure – I’ll play with some actual army lists this week and see what seems fun. 


One response to “Decisions – decisions”

  1. I have discovered Dark Age recently, and I’m glad I did. Straightforward ruleset (if not for the same-name-different-rules issue with some special abilities ^^), great miniatures and fast and brutal gameplay.

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