Quick post

ok – I’ve been busy at home and at work. Sadly my hobby time has dried up lately. But – here is a quick post for a few hobby status updates. 

First – I start a bloodbowl league next week. – loving the thought of getting a regular game in for a few months (8weeks). I’ll be sure to post my results as they come. 

2nd – I still need to get my harlequin / eldar force nailed down for OFCC.  BUT / I did pick up these two items that are central to my ideas for my OFCC harlequin army this year. 



I hope they make sense later lol. 

3rd – I start DMing in my D&D group next week. 😳 which should be fun lol. 

Lastly, I’m hoping to finish up the infinity figures this weekend – not sure that will happen lol. 


One response to “Quick post”

  1. Looking forward to seeing your Harlequin project progress, seems like it could be pretty cool. Good luck with the DMing, my group never got into D&D but I’m interested in giving some Fantasy Flight rule sets a go. Partly because our group recent had a great Inquisitor (28mm) game GM’d by yours truly that basically turned into a talkie mission. It’s a Deatwatch campaign and I had some cool action bits laid out for some Stormtrooper esque characters. However, everyone (including myself) ended up really enjoying the diplomacy of the planetary governors. We were engrossed for two hours in how they were going to deal with a Space Hulk in the system. I digress somewhat, my point is I really enjoyed that element of the game. Were you thinking of writing up any of your D&D as an article?
    Hope you have an ace weekend.

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