ok – I’ve been busy at home and at work. Sadly my hobby time has dried up lately. But – here is a quick post for a few hobby status updates. 

First – I start a bloodbowl league next week. – loving the thought of getting a regular game in for a few months (8weeks). I’ll be sure to post my results as they come. 

2nd – I still need to get my harlequin / eldar force nailed down for OFCC.  BUT / I did pick up these two items that are central to my ideas for my OFCC harlequin army this year. 



I hope they make sense later lol. 

3rd – I start DMing in my D&D group next week. 😳 which should be fun lol. 

Lastly, I’m hoping to finish up the infinity figures this weekend – not sure that will happen lol.