Apocalypse – toys

Ohh I did some eBay shopping… I found this one a few weeks ago – I now have a Cobra to go with my ArmorCast Scorpion.


I have never been totally happy with the Scorpion paint and modeling…. and the cobra is worse as far as I am concerned.  The cobra also appears to be missing some bits.  My plan is to strip both of these and paint them to match closer to my other Eldar forces…. and the Phantom Titan.  For now they will stay this way – until I get time for them.

The Scorpion has nice paint for the wraith bone elements.  But the theme doesn’t fit my army well on the blue – cammo.  I will try to put a light primer brush on coat… only on the top parts.  There are some modeling and magnetizing to do as well.  The bone colors will just get a lightening up – to better match the bone on my style.

The Cobra is really not even close to what I expect for my stuff… it will be fully stripped and redone – to match whatever I end up doing to the Scorpion.


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