WOW – just WOW… harlequins… my precious!

OK – anyone whom knows me… and I mean really knows my 40k background knows that the Eldar Harlequins are my joy in 40k.  They got be into 40k back in the early RT days (1990-ish).  Seeing them jump off a White Dwarf… I was stunned.  I had to have them…I had to play a game that allowed me to use them.  And if your missing all the Harlequin news…  like here ..  on the blog When Craftworlds Drop by … – I’m in pretty much the same boat.  SUPER EXCITED.Wd107p47HarlequinsBlistersx2-01

All of my current plans for my gaming hobby year are on hold – I am waiting for the codex and figures for this release (due in Feb)… to redo ALL of my gaming plans.  Anyhow, thats me – waiting for the duration.



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