OFCC – Refreshing

Ok – its been a few days for me to rest up – and think back on the big OFCC event.  It was awesome… I met some new folks and possibly some new friends.  I am really looking forward to next year.  I am already working through plans in my head – which I will go into later. For next time.

Suffice to say – I had fun – and creatively feel refreshed regarding the OFCC and 40k in general.

15224578860_57b94cc021_z The die says it all 🙂

15410930992_183b901976_z Wraithlord and the Wraithseer huddle behind a strong point… planning the next unit of marines to destroy 🙂  ( I lost the game on points… )

15224591840_f08946a781_z Jinx roll for one of my Hornets… stops on end… very odd.  I rerolled with another dice – both my opponent and myself got shots with our cameras first though.

15408093011_02021ca0bd_z One bit of victory – in this… I sniped a legendary space wolf dread… trying to hide in the ruined building. – KILLED HIM@!… but lost the battle.  The Nightwing proved to be my MVP over the entire event.  I will have to add some “kill marks” to the side of the cockpit.  No one shot it down over 5 games either!  🙂


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