Ok – I finished up my display board over the last couple days – it’s all “done enough” at this point. I will try – TRY – to get time to build a new display board with the lessons that I have learned this time around.

To that point I ordered some CNC Elven terrain (tower, walkway, Dias) to help me have some good parts on hand. The next project will need them.

Anyhow – I experimented with a flexo plate from work for my display board… I think it looks good – not mind blowing – but simple. I added some of the hills and things from 2012 OFCC- that I had used to finish it off.

Here are some photos of the work. 🙂




I added an LED tea lite to make the globe light up on the cheap.

Time for bed – I’ll get some shots of the army tomorrow when I get my practice games.