Wraithseer & Wraithlord – progress

Still hard at work – OFCC is around 22 days away… a short 3 weeks and a couple days.  

Progress on the army as a whole – The Wraithseer is my main focus at the moment – I am hoping to wrap it up by the end of the week.  I am also hard at work on the changes to the Wraithlord weapon kit – changes to the star cannon and sword.  I am hoping to start primary work on the last big thing on the list… the WraithKnight – I am hoping to be working solely on that next week and this weekend coming up.  

My primary goal is to be done will all principle paint in the next 2 weeks… leaving the last week for display board focus and detail works – like the thousands of gems dotting all the eldar stuff lol.



photo 2photo 1

– thanks for watching



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