Still here – Status…

Wow, it has been a long time… but winter is over, spring… is nearly over and summer is here! Big changes on lots of fronts for me. First off, I will have my son (11) moving into our yurt later this summer. So my initial planning has turned to converting the not yet built kitchen area into a room for him. My former wife is moving to Boston, Mass… and my daughter Libby (6) will be moving with her. I have about a month before I flying east to drop her off. Somewhere between now and then I will begin work on the bedroom for my son. All of the changes will require me to reformulate what I do about a kitchenette. Along with the bedroom construction I am planning to finish all of the unfinished areas in the yurt over the next couple months. Ending with a new covered porch before the fall :).

Gaming side of things… well I have not played 6th ed. Warhammer 40k at all – and no warhammer 40k since last summer. But the new Eldar codex is out now – and my interest is piqued. I am planning to get an army put together and start learning the new edition. I will see how things work in the new rules and get some learning games in. Maybe in the fall I will be ready to hit some events.

Updates and photos to come soon.



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