Happy Holidays

Well it’s been another long while since I posted here. What’s going on … For starters we are getting used to yurt living… the sounds… the new morning routines -etc. Last month things started to cool down outside here in the valley. So much so that we decided not to wait on getting that wood stove. For a week or more we searched out the bet of our options on a wood stove … and we got one. We spent a few weeks of cold nights… And we got motivated ;). The electric bill for the end of November helped ;).

For Christmas we set everything up… dug holes for posts… assembled pipe… Etc. Here are some shots of how things went. So far so good… We have had nearly a week of warm cozy nights. Last night it was below freezing… And after stoking the fire before bed – we were nearly 80! Lol.










That’s things with the yurt… I am expecting to mess around with the blog/s over the next month … Or sooner. Ttyl


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