Moved in – and in progress

Well, we got moved into the yurt – two nights so far :). Composting toilet seems to be up and working correctly as well. Still have settling in todo – unpacking things needed. New morning and eve routines …etc.

On the list to get done over the next 6 months…

~ Wood stove – probably come February. Until then we will dress warmly, and rely on the electric wall heaters.

~ Kitchen – needs to be planned out… Then built out. We plan to start on working on ideas… And as we unpack things we will start conceptualizing things. Hope to begin work on that in the next few months.

~ Porch – thinking spring…not much thought on that yet… But after the western Oregon winter.

~ Bath tub…. Somewhere after kitchen …late spring maybe. We live and help my girlfriends father….so we have access to shower and bathtub requirements 😉

~ In the mean time… Long lists of finishing what we have done now…
More electrical for living room area. Finishing door and frame for bathroom. Building box enclosure for hot water heater…

That’s the news – I will post up some photos as we get things cleaned up… And as I get time.


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