Hiatus – continues

Well, I have been pretty quiet for awhile now – I have not gamed since OFCC ( mid August 2012 )… I have picked up DV 6th ed… but have had no time to read them – and as of yet I have not even watched a game of it played.  Currently, I am recovering from being sick for the past week or so… and trying to get some big hurdles complete on the Yurt so we can finally move in.

Over the past few months I have gone from enthused about Warhammer 40k… to down right grumpy about it.  Currently, I am ambivalent about my future with the game.  I do enjoy painting more than anything – that and conversions… its my passion.  The game – and learning another new ruleset has me really annoyed.  Not that the game has changed – but here I go… having to learn yet another set of rules… I have played since 1989.

Another thing that has me on the fence.  The state of the Eldar… it has been years since they have had a new codex… and looks like at least another year possibly.  I don’t have any real interest in another army at this time.  If I was to spend money on gaming stuff – it probably wouldn’t be GW or mini-game stuff.  So I may as well forget thinking about that.  I am currently thinking more than anything… that I will just leave the eldar stuff packed… and wait for that new shiny codex to wake me from my 40k gamer slumber.  Until then – I have lots of other things to do anyhow.  I will keep working on my Eldar Corsair list ( …with slow purchases… and planning… maybe painting).  But until the bug strikes me… I am on hiatus from gaming.

I am sure after I get done with the yurt… and settled – I am sure at that point I will look back to my hobbies.  But right now I am unsure if that is gaming… or RPG… or just painting…etc.

Until then… posts will be infrequent… or non-existent for extended periods of time.





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