Water Heater & Rain

It’s been a busy week or so with very little progress to show for it. I spent most of last week prepping the things outside for the looming rain forecast here in western Oregon. We knew the summer like weather would end sometime… I just wanted a few more weeks ;).

We did pick up a hot water heater … Now I need to bone up on plumbing to get it installed. I am hoping for progress this week.



3 thoughts on “Water Heater & Rain

  1. We haven’t gotten much done lately either – other than getting ready for the rain. Currently trying to learn about wiring the yurt so we can get that done. Any advice on that piece would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Well, how do you plan to get electricity to the yurt? Does it already exist on the property? We simply had to have a friend (electrical guy) split a 60amp feed off the main that already existed on the property. … We had the work inspected (by land owner request) … Which ran into “entanglements”.

      I am not sure what you would do about a new electrical line having to be ran to the property… That could get messy. I would start by finding someone whom you trust to get that main box done… The internal stuff isn’t difficult … I have no experience and I seem to understand it now lol.


      1. Glad to hear the inside stuff isn’t too bad – that’s what we are getting ready to attempt. I thought I had enough of an idea to start, but then we walked into Home Depot. There were a million choices for single switch boxes!

        We have solar so our power will be coming from a closet full of batteries.

        Thanks! 🙂

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