Oi! I’m not dead yet!

Ok… I have been incredibly busy over the last month or so… Real life and the zyurt project have dominated things. We are hoping to move soon – and other things keep getting in the way of my hobby stuff.

First things first, the Yurt had its first electrical inspection … It failed. We sent the rest of the last few weeks getting things ready for the second inspection. And our electrical inspector questioned the legitimacy of having no permit for the yurt itself. Fun times… Anyhow, the yurt is an exempt structure according to the code… not allowable as a residence… But we already knew that. So after letting the electrical authorities know how wrong they are… We passed the second inspection last week. All is a go for work on the yurt… time for wiring the main circuits.

Next up, warhammer 40k 6th Ed dropped a few weeks ago. I have not picked up the book. I currently plan to wait for the mini book. That should happen sometime in the fall I am guessing. The jury is out for me on 6th Ed… I have not read the book. But from what I understand my harlequin DE army will need to be retooled.

That leads me up to the OFCC. I had planned on finishing the DE Harlequin army by then but the Yurt complications and the rest of real life – let alone a changing rule set made me choose to set it aside. I will revert to my normal Wraithwall flavor army for OFCC. Basically because I know how to play the list… And it’s 90% painted. Learning how to play the DE list for just one last 5th Ed rules event seems silly to me.

Oh… I also sold my first Revenant Titan, the purple and gold one… Sad to see it go… But with the new deamon smashing one I did not see the need for two. Also, the sale allows me to start planning on the Phantom Titan one day down the road.

So I broke down and redid my Wraithwall list… Adding prince Yriel … Here is the quick work I did to make him ready to fit into my painted army.





Ok – that’s it for now, I have a lot of work to do to get ready for OFCC in two weeks. /:)


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