OFCC and other tid bits

Hey, I know it’s been over a week since the last post … Lots have been going on. First, I had my kids on visitation for the whole week. It was great – but tiring. Next time maybe we can go camping.

On the random news side. MobileMe is shutting down in about a week. So there goes all the old archives of the blog. I have them backed up. But I really am not quite sure if I will repost them somehow. So, if your interested in the old posts – view them now :).

The galleries are also hosted on MobileMe – so they will also go down until I figure put how I want them hosted in the future. So again, check them out when you can – this week.

Lastly, the local game club Ordo Fanaticus hosted their Fantasy club challenge event. I dropped in and snapped a few shots of the cool fantasy stuff. I have a month or so to get ready for the 40k event.

Thanks for looking – here are those shots from the Fantasy OFCC.

First off – this simply awesome scratch build ship from an old friend of mine –



Ok – the rest of these are just some things that caught my eye at the event.











Ok – see ya


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