Meanwhile – Outside Projects Continue

This past weekend I spent some time in the rare late winter good weather prepping the future Yurt building site.


Our Yurt will be a 24′ dia model… and it was ordered last week. It will be ready at the factory the first week in May. Luckily, the factory is right here in Oregon just a drive down I-5 for a bit. Early May gives us about 6 weeks to get everything else ready. Last weekend we started by clearing up a tree that was in the way.

I split the wood while the others sawed and piled limbs.


After the splitting of the wood was done we burned the limbs and stacked the wood to season till next fall.



Ok, next time with the Yurt project we hope to get a big hole dug for a septic tank and spread gravel for the yurt site. I hope to get that done in a few weeks ;). Back to the Titan soon.


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