Ok, as promised, here is the list I am looking to build. A Dark Eldar Harlequin themed list… that, I hope, remains competitive without loosing its clown army feel. Everything will be themed or converted to fit the Harlequin theme. Harlequin wraith lords for Talos… Harlequin jet bikes for reavers, old RT era Harlequins for wyches…etc.

Baron Sathonyx
(x2) Haemonculus w/ WWP

Harlequins 4 +kisses w/ DJ, SS w/ kiss, & TM w/ PW

(x2) Wyches 15 w/ HWG, SN & Imp x3, Hexatrix w. PGL & Agoniser

Hellions 10 w/ Helliarch w/ PGL & Agoniser

(x2) Reavers 6 w/ x2 Heat Lance

Beastmasters w/ x5 Khymera & x4 Razorwing Flocks

Talos Pain Engine w/ TL Heat Lance & Chain Flails

Talos Pain Engine w/ TL Heat Lance & TL Liquifier gun

Cronos Parasite Engine w/ Spirit Vortex

I get 1999 pts…