It’s been too long

Wow, it’s been like over a month that has flown by. I have been pretty busy with non-gamer matters. First thing is that I will be moving this spring – building a yurt…which..should be an interesting experience. That has pretty much dominated my free time thinking.


This was a yurt we rented for a night from a private party. It was darn nice… As we get closer to the build I will probably have some yurt specific posts… And show you more about what we have planned for ours.

First game in …. 6 months…it was really nice to get down to the club last night and play. I played my wraith wall list from TSHFT last September against a new player. It was a hard fought draw… But boy was it nice to roll the dice and bs about the game. I am looking forward to playing some more. I also finished picking up the needed elements for my harlequin DE army… I will start cutting plastic from sprue this week I hope. I will post the final list I will go with as well next time.

Lastly, I got back to work (limited) on the titian last week … Painting the driver… It’s a hurdle that I can’t wait to get past. This seems to be the last big, complex, detail area. If I get this I can get this Titan well down the path to being finished.




Thanks for your time!


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