Here are a couple figures that I had finished right before TSHFT a few weeks ago. Jain Zar I started and completed in about two days… the warlock I just had to touch up to fit the wraithguard army paint scheme. I had hoped to post up more from this army, but looking closer I noticed that most of the figures are not up to my 100% finished army. So I will post up the completed units as I complete them.

Unfortunately, the new Eldar codex is over a year away… So I probably will not play them much in the coming year. I do plan on finishing up the Revenant Titan before the Black Friday apoc game. So there should be plenty of progress photos of that. Army wise I will probably concentrate on my Dark Eldar army.

Sometime soon I will start posting up some “archival” blogs – pulling old stuff from my old blog and posting them here… Compiled and compressing some of the content of course.